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Beginning with computerized flat knitting machines,
SHIMA SEIKI maintains the same Made-in-Japan standard of advanced technology, functionality and product quality for each of its product lines.


Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

From WHOLEGARMENT knitwear to accessories.
SHIMA SEIKI's knitting machine lineup supports the various needs of customers through production that combines high quality, high productivity and fashionable design.


realize revolutionary change

Computerized Cutting Machines

In addition to the apparel industry,
SHIMA SEIKI's CAD system and computerized cutting machines cater to a variety of industries, supporting all our customers' needs.


Inkjet Printing Machine

SHIMA SEIKI’s SIP-160F3 inkjet printing machine
is capable of full-color printing at ultra-high speed. It offers product variation with high added value.


SHIMA SEIKI supports its users in all stages of the product supply chain through various web-based services.



yarnbank is the world's first web service that allows you to search and view yarn information from all over the world. And it's free! Join Now!

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SHIMANAVI is an e-learning system for "SDS-ONE APEX" series. You can take the latest lectures at your own pace and at your own convenience. A variety of courses are offered to meet customer needs.

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Users' Site

An archive of over 10,000 original knit samples is available for free viewing by SHIMA SEIKI users. Users may purchase knitting data as well.

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Frequently asked questions about SHIMA SEIKI products are answered. Keyword search is available, while some questions are answered through easy-to-understand videos.

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