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Organized by the Knitwear Innovation and Design Society (KIDS), “Knitwear Symphony 2018” was held on September 7, 2018 during Hong Kong Fashion Week 2018. Shima Seiki (Hong Kong) Ltd continuously given full support to this show since 2009.


Aurora active wear collection formed by geometric graphics and lines was displayed.


AURORA COLLECTION is knitted by SVR123SP-SV 14G. By using Shima Seiki Spring- type sinker system, double jersey inlay made quilting effect.. Flechage (partial knit) creates 3D patch-work effect which is knitted by inlay structure and 2 colors jacquard. Flechage also reduce the linking time.

Before knitting an actual sample, designer make use of the APEX function: Design, PGM and 3Dmodeling to create super realistic  ‘virtual samples’; modify the design and pattern plus check the 3D image from all angles. Sampling time and costs are greatly reduced. APEX3 now plays an important role of  within the knitwear industry and heading forward to digitalize Era.

Aurora Collection
Machine: SVR123SP-SV 14G
Technical provided by Shanghai Shima Seiki Technical Team
Designed by Hong Kong Shima Seiki Ms. Kay Chan Hau Kei & Ms. Suey Tsang Shuk Wah

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